Nustle Complete 4-in-1 Maternity through Postpartum Wrap


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The Nustle’s full-coverage, moist heat therapy sets this product apart from others. It provides natural holistic relief for the most common breastfeeding challenges, it is one of the ONLY end-to-end essential breastfeeding supplies that can be used from pregnancy through weaning. When used as a breast hot pack it has been shown to alleviate plugged ducts and mastitis. This moist heat encourages a healthy milk flow or let-down for more efficient pumping and can be used with most breast pump brands.  Breast cold pack therapy is shown to reduce pain and swelling associated with engorgement. Weaning is made easier with cold compression therapy. Experience therapeutic relief on the back while using as a pregnancy belly band or postpartum compression band to support healthy healing. Each Nustle includes a free 30-min lactation consultation with one of our supporting experts. Nustle is the perfect baby shower gift for every mom.

  • Clogged Ducts and Mastitis:  For relief use moist heat therapy coupled with self-messaging utilizing product filler
  • Effective Let Down: Moist heat therapy paired with a breast pump encourages a healthy and productive milk flow
  • Engorgement Relief: Full coverage cold pack reduces pain and swelling
  • Weaning / Dry Up Support: Cold combined with compression therapy reduces pain and swelling
  • Hands-Free Product: Wear and go for multi-tasking
  • Comprehensive Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Support: Belly Band, Postpartum Band, Breastfeeding, Weaning and Beyond
  • Holistic: Weighed wrap mimics the touch of a baby on the chest
  • Filling: Natural materials
  • Service: Free 30-min lactation consultation
  • Baby Shower Essential: Perfect for all breastfeeding moms
  • OKEO-Tex 100 Certified

     Product details:

    • Filled with natural ingredients
    • Soft Cotton 
    • Holds temperature therapy for up to 30 minutes
    • Contouring design
    • Prevents mastitis, clogged ducts, and more
    • Designed for heating and cooling therapies

    Shop for your own Nustle and Slipcover combo today, or contact us to learn more about the benefits of Nustle! You even receive a free lactation consultation with the purchase of a Nustle.






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