About Us

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I am Teran Martin, Founder of Mama’s Milk Wrap.

Throughout my breastfeeding journey, I was frustrated to find that most of the breastfeeding aids available were either ingestible or didn’t provide the support I craved.  My journey is what led me to the idea of The Nustle by Mama’s Milk Wrap.

Our Story:

I tried with both of my children to breastfeed. I did everything I could, everything everyone told me to try, and still ended up going from a great supply of 6 oz to nothing coming out in a few short hours. I asked my doctors and anyone I knew who might be able to help me and yet no one knew the cause; so, I was forced to dry up. This happened with both of my children. I was blessed to give them the benefit of breastfeeding in the early days of life but it didn’t last long.

With our second, I could tell that I was still producing but again everything I tried no milk would come out forcing me to dry up. I followed my doctor’s instructions and mother’s advice and used an ice pack, and a sheet to aid in this. The ice pack was rock hard and would jab into my extremely sensitive breasts and the sheet I used to apply compression kept giving way, I had to have my husband come back every 3 minutes to re-tighten my sheet. This was a 2 person task and this became even more difficult when my husband was not home to help.

Through this experience, I began praying for an answer to alleviate this challenge for other moms and was blessed with The Nustle. Little did I know at the time that it would turn full circle and help mothers in their production as well. When I was breastfeeding my doctors told me to hop in the hot shower to encourage my let down. Those old wives’ tales have truth to them, as the moist heat penetrates deeper into the sink encouraging the letdown.


How We’ve Seen the Wrap Help Others:

When The Wrap is heated in the microwave it creates moist heat. Some climates may not notice it but a trick to encourage more moisture is to have a mug of water in the microwave with the wrap while heating. The beauty of this design is that it mimics that of the hot shower allowing mothers to encourage their let down without being stuck in the shower, loosing what is released and the baby on the other side. We have seen it help exclusively breastfeed babies nurse longer when mom uses the wrap before nursing. We have seen women sustain their supply as they return to normal lifestyles and many have even expressed seeing their supply double or more compared to times they don’t use the wrap. We have seen it help mothers wean when they are ready. We have seen the dry up time go from a year to less than a month when using the cold compression therapy offered through the wrap intended for the close of the breastfeeding journey. 

Also, a great benefit is when mothers are away from their babies and need to pump, often at work, the moist heat and slight weight coupled with the suckling of the pump mimics that of baby allowing mom to continue to have success in giving their baby the best. 

It is a hands-free, full-coverage, aid that allows warm and cold therapy with easy application.


Our Hopes:

We are beyond blessed to have helped so many wonderful mothers accomplish their breastfeeding goals. Many have reached their set goals and choose to continue onward with their journey by extending their goals; because, with The Nustle they achieved each milestone they have set. We hope that so many more mothers find this to be true of their journey with Mama’s Milk Wrap.  We hope that we have women doubling supply through the help of the wrap and choose to donate their overage to others in need. We hope that the wrap can help mothers with children in the NICU who are unable to breastfeed them. As often NICU mothers don’t get that stimulation of the baby’s body temperature and weight. We hope to help those mothers who experience infant loss and are forced to re-live the loss of their baby as their milk comes in. We have been incredibly blessed to have seen our hopes come true and pray that we continue to change the breastfeeding journeys for generations of mothers to come.



From the conception of my product to today, I have been led by the Lord and see the challenges that are ahead of me, and every time I am about to face that challenge the Lord puts someone in my path that helps me break down that wall. Starting a business is hard but when you have God at the center He faces every obstacle with you. I have been intentional in the design of my business I have woven His spirit into everything I do. I am centered and focused on Psalms 46:5 “God is within her, she will not fail” not only has this scripture helped be the support I needed in my daily steps but it is also the support I offer every single one of my mothers. No matter what challenges you face, or how long you can breastfeed; rest assured that you did not fail. I struggled with the fact that I wasn’t able to give my littles the best for longer, but know that I did the best I could with what I had.


Why We Partnered with Lactation Experts:

When my husband and I had our son at the end of my maternity leave, I was to return to work but my employer let me go the day before my return. Four months after our son’s birth we were pregnant with our daughter. A few months into our 2nd pregnancy my husband’s company shut down his department. So we were those parents with one baby, one on the way, and no jobs to help us provide. God stood beside us and we weathered our storm.  In doing so I reached out to our local WIC representative to help get connected with a lactation expert as you know I experienced my challenges.  When I reached out I learned very quickly that getting the help I needed was not an option for us at that time.  It came down to putting food on the table for the family or getting lactation help.  Simply we could not afford the help at the time.  But, now we can see His blessings all around us and hope to be the source for your success in helping to get you connected with a lactation expert. 

Furthering, the support that you find in me and Mama’s Milk Wrap you too will be welcomed into my family and you will have resources available for support. 

In the early days of trying to connect with professionals to confirm or deny the product concept (long past my time of breastfeeding), I had gained a friend, who knew a gal, whose intent is helping nursing mothers. Through my connection with this wonderful woman she helped validate the concept and along with it she gave me a free one time service to all of my testers and buyers. She offered her time in helping mothers by being the support they needed to get off on the right track. I was inspired by her drive of pure intentions and only wish I had known her way back when.


Lactation Experts Team Begins:

Today, I am now proud to announce that there are many others with the same desire to help. Thus, we are extending our support network to wrap you with lactation experts who want to see you succeed.  With every purchase of a Mama’s Milk Wrap too comes a free 30-minute session with a Lactation Expert. This is an amazing opportunity intended and focused on helping you! You will have the right to connect with anyone of our independent volunteers to receive your one-time free session. 

We desire to help you have the success you want.

I, Teran Martin – Founder, am so excited to see where we will go and continuously get overjoyed every time a new mother shares her success with me. 

Please don’t take my word for it, do your research and learn from the other mother’s journeys, their success speaks louder than I can express. I look forward to helping you make your goals a reality.


With thanks, love and blessings,
Teran Martin – Founder