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Nustle Lactation Expert


At Mama’s Milk Wrap, we emphasize the importance of support and community among breastfeeding mothers through every step of their journey. We understand the frustrations when your baby won’t latch or you have a blocked duct — the pain and betrayal, and the sheer joy when you connect with your child by providing them the nutrients they need to grow and live. Working with a lactation expert is not an option for many mothers, which is why we are extending our support network to connect you with lactation experts who want to see you succeed. 

With every purchase of a Mama’s Milk Wrap too comes a free 30-minute session with a lactation expert. This is an amazing opportunity intended and focused on helping you! You will have the right to connect with any one of our independent volunteers to receive your one-time free session. You deserve to feel heard, understood, and confident using our wrap and feeding your baby. Learn more about our experts below before scheduling your consultation!